Peer-Reviewed Manuscripts

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Peer-Reviewed Proceedings

Atamturktur, S. and Brown, D. A. (2015), “State-aware calibration for inferring systematic bias in computer models of complex systems,” NAFEMS World Congress 2015, June 21-24, San Diego, CA, ISBN 978-1-910643-24-2.

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Letters and Discussions

Brown, D. A. and Lazar, N. A. (2018), Discussion of “Bayesian spatiotemporal modeling using hierarchical spatial priors, with applications to functional magnetic resonance imaging,” by M. Bezener, J. Hughes, and G. Jones, Bayesian Analysis, to appear. (Link to advance publication)


Book Chapters

Atamturktur, S., Stevens, G. N, and Brown, D. A. (2017), “Empirically improving model adequacy in scientific computing,” in Model Validation and Uncertainty Quantification, Volume 3: Proceedings of the 35th IMAC, A Conference and Exposition of Structural Dynamics 2017eds. Barthorpe, R., Platz, R., Lopez, I., Moaveni, B., and Papadimitriou, C., pp. 363-370


Book Reviews

Brown, D. A. (2017), Review of Analysis of Neural Data, by R. E. Kass, U. T. Eden, and E. N. Brown, Biometrics, 73, 710-713.


Unreviewed Proceedings

Jaeger, A., Brown, D. A., Seymour, L., and Beuckert, R. (2010), “Response of Canadian crop yields to climate change,” in Proceedings of the 2010 Joint Statistical Meetings, Statistics and the Environment Section, Alexandria: American Statistical Association, pp. 4395 – 4405.

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Manuscripts in Preparation

Self, S. W., McMahan, C. S., and Brown, D. A., “A Bayesian multi-dimensional trend filter,” in preparation.

Ehrett, C., Atamturktur, S., Brown, D. A., Chodora, E., Jiang, M., and Kitchens, C., “Computer model calibration as a method of design,” in preparation.

Mokalled, S., McMahan, C. S., Brown, D. A., Tebbs, J. M., and Bilder, C. R., “Acknowledging the dilution effect in group testing data: A new approach,” in preparation.