Slides from a few (relatively) recent presentations

  • “Low-Rank Independence Samplers in Hierarchical Bayesian Inverse Problems,” Georgia Institute of Technology School of Industrial and Systems Engineering Statistics Seminar, April 8, 2019.  PDF


  • “Bayesian Spatial Binary Regression for Label Fusion,” Marquette University Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences Statistics Seminar, December 7, 2018. PDF


  • “Some Statistical Problems in Uncertainty Quantification,” Indiana University Department of Statistics Seminar, October 15, 2018. PDF


  • “A Bayesian Generalized CAR Model for Correlated Signal Detection,” Joint Statistical Meetings, Chicago, IL, August 1, 2016.  PDF


  • “Nonparametric Functional Calibration of Computer Models,” IMS New Researchers Conference, Madison, WI, July 29, 2016. Poster PDF


  • “Basic Markov Chain Monte Carlo.” This is a short tutorial on basic MCMC that I presented to the SAMSI CCNS working group on large-scale inverse problems, February 18, 2016. PDF


  • “Bayesian Correlated Signal Detection,” SAMSI Colloquium, January 27, 2016. PDF